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SUPER SPORTS TouchTennis Tournament 2


 Touchtennis.com

 Individuals entered will be drawn from a hat and placed in groups of 5 per court for the round robin part of the tournament.
 Each match in the round robin stage will be best of 3 sets, with each set being first to 4 games, with sudden death deuce where the receiver can choose the side to be served too.
 If the scoring goes to 3-3 in games, its two clear games first to 5. If 4-4, tie break to 5 points with sudden death at 4-4 in the tiebreak regardless of who is serving.
 Once the ball is thrown for a serve, it must be hit or else it is a fault.
 There is only one serve in touchtennis, not two.
 There are no lets in touchtennis, if the ball clips the net and goes in on a serve – tough luck!
 You may throw your racquet to a ball in touchtennis, and use your body parts thereafter if you are successful.  You may touch the net with yourself or your racquet, as long as the base of the net does not move.
 Swap sides as per normal tennis.
 Once the match is finished, players need to hand in their score to the organizer.
 Points will be allocated as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a best of 3 sets defeat and 0 points for a straight sets defeat.
 The top two individuals with the most points from each court will advance to the knock out stage – time restrictions will determine how many players will advance to the knock out.
 In the event of players having equal points after the round robin, the winner of the head-to-head result will advance, if this was a draw, then the player who won the most games in all matches will advance and if this is still tied, then a spin of the racket will decide who advances.
 Players advancing through to the knockout stages will have their names placed on the draw sheet in pre determined positions.
 Each match in the knock out stage will be best of 3 touchtennis sets with the final being best of 5 touchtennis sets if time permits.
 Players who do not make it through to the knockout stages will be able to continue playing in the form of friendly matches.

 No current coaching Pro’s or Ex Pro’s are allowed to enter - ONLY SOCIAL PLAYERS!!!
 Touchtennis rules will be followed for all matches.
 Only online entries will be accepted unless special arrangements are made with the organizers to enter otherwise.
 Official touchtennis sponge balls will be used.
 All competitors must be 14 years or older and able to play to a good standard of normal tennis – to include competent overarm serving and rallying from the back of the court. Teenagers must accept that they will be playing adults.
 This is a unisexual tournament – teenagers, men, and women all compete on a level playing field. Due to the sponge ball and small court there is little to no advantage in being young or old, or male or female. SERIES

 Every player entering the tournament will receive points which accumulate over the tournaments to eventually give you a Series Ranking.
 To qualify for the END-OF-SERIES prizes, players need to compete in all 3 tournaments.
 Points will be awarded as follows according to the round in which you exit the tournament Round Round robin Round 1 knockout 16’s Quarters Semis Runners-up winners points 10 n/a 20 40 60 80 100

Email: paul@supersportsuae.com
Phone: 050 873 5589
Website: www.supersportsuae.com

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